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Other Projects

Note: These projects or not yet created and/or published on Codeplex, if you are interested in any of these projects please contact me and I will try to move up in the list the specified project.

  • 1 - SQL Tester
Description: Testing framework for TSQL and SQL created as a more compact alternative to tSqlUnit, especially aimed at repeated unit testing and creation of automated testing without having to write stored procedures for each test or group of tests. Designed to allow trend analysis for both performance and functionality.
Status: Functional version available with a simple user interface.
Release date: Later this year.

  • 2 - SQL Release
Description: C# application for easy deployment of (t)SQL scripts and CLR functions, with customizable configuration including (not limited too): check boxes for selection of scripts/object to deploy, selection of multpiple servers/databases and schemas.
Status: Currently in design phase, coding to start towards the end of the year.
Release date: TBD

  • 3 - DBA Tolbox
TSQL/CLR collection of very usefull code snipets, functions and stored procedures created to help monitor performance, execution, locking, and many more.
Status: design phase/coding partially started.
Release: TBD

  • 4 - ETL Monitor
Description: Similar to SQL Monitor, however customized to capture ETL relevant information, such as number of rows loaded, percent completed, memory consumption, Temp db usage, etc.
Status: Design phase.
Release date: TDB

  • 5 - ETL Wizzard
Description: Same idea as the Import/Export wizzard in SSMS, with many extra features: PGP/GPG encryption/decryption, ZIP/UnZIP, HTML email notification, optimizer for fast load using existing options in SSIS, package generation, and many more.
Status: Design phase, some modules started/completed.
Release date: TBD, next year.

  • 6 - Thread runner
Description: General use multi-threaded script and application executor. Intuitive user interface allows to select what to execute on each defined thread.
Status: Design phase, some modules started/completed.
Release date: TBD, next year.

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