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The following objects are available in the current alpha release:

* tsql.fn_split - Visual Basic like SPLIT funtion, return a table with indexed values;
* tsql.fn_split_xt - Visual Basic like SPLIT function with additional features: text qualifier and item no;
* tsql.fn_avg_val - returns the average from a list of numeric values;
* tsql.fnminval - returns the MIN value from a list of values;
* tsql.fnmaxval - returns the MAX value from a list of values;
* tsql.fn_lpad - returns a string padded to the left;
* tsql.fn_rpad - returns a string padded to the right;
* tsql.fn_proper - returns a string with propwer form (initial capital letter for each word);
* tsql.fn_occurs - count the number of occurences of a char or substring in a string;
* tsql.fnmonthfirst_day - returns the first day of a given month;
* tsql.fnmonthlast_day - returns the last day of a given month
* tsql.fnreplacerepetition - replaces repeated occurences of a character
* tsql.fnisnullor_empty - check if a given value is either null or empty
* tsql.fn_iif - (immediate if) - simulation of VB similar function
* tsql.fn_scrub - removes unwanted characters from given string
* tsql.fn_format - formats date, number and text to specified format (alpha version)
* tsql.sp_join - implements the functionality of VB JOIN function
* tsql.fnrecsgen - simple record generator, optional random numbers column

Deployment: For deployment is recomended the createa a generic database called "Lib" along with 2 schemas: tsql and clr, then run each create script to add the desired objects.

In one of the next releases I'll include deployment script(s).

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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